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Smart Vaults™ vs. MultiSig

M of N MultiSig Vaults

Current crop of MultiSig Arrangements assume a lot 

  1. Assume Good Information Security
    1. That M of N keys cannot be stolen
    2. That M of N participants will not collude
    3. That devices and networks are trustworthy
  2. Assume Good Information Durability 
    1. That M of N keys will never be lost

We make no such assumptions. With proprietary Layer 2 Technology and Protocols (source avaiable), we make sure that you can recover your Bitcoin (Altcoins and NFTs too) as long as at least one private-key is safe and secure. Magic!

  1. Non-custodial and miles ahead of Multisig
  2. Locks Bitcoin in a Smart Contract Protocol instead of a simple MultiSig Transaction.
  3. Recovers your Bitcoin as long as at least one of the Private Keys (1 to N of N) is Safe and Secure. Much better than M-of-N MultiSig scheme.
  4. Smart Vaults™ can recover stolen Bitcoin. MultiSig cannot.

Next-Gen Scalable Security

  1. Unlocking and Spending from your Smart Vaults are distinct events unlike MultiSig Transactions.
  2. When M private-keys are used to unlock and steal your Bitcoin locked with N private-keys, use any M+1  keys upto N to recover your Bitcoin.
  3. Stealing becomes impossible unless adversaries have all the N keys.
  4. Protects against Hacks, Social Engineering, Insider Fraud, etc.
  5. Optional on-chain “Out of Band” Authentication & Autherization with Hardware Tokens (proprietary technology).

Supercharged Safety

  1. Even 1 key is enough (1 to N of N) to recover your Bitcoin.
  2. CoinVault enables this option without compromising security.
  3. Useful for disaster management, accidental loss, unexpected death and factors beyond control.

Time to Diversify your Safety & Security Strategies

Let us explore how Hybrid Custody™ and Smart Vaults™ can help you safeguard your Bitcoin