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Our Story

2017 was the year and Bitcoin was all the rage. Many were fighting over Segwit and block sizes while others were hailing Lightning network as a make or break technology. 

All this got us thinking – What else can we do with Second Layer Technologies? 

On one hand, Bitcoin seemed unstoppable and on the other hand, many many exchanges were getting hacked. Bitcoin worth Billions was being siphoned out by these hackers leading to a lot of mayhem in the crypto ecosystem. Over and above that, some were losing millions over a junked laptop or a lost piece of paper. All this sounded insane if not ludicrous.

We thought we can do something about it or so did the journey start. After an year of banging our heads against the proverbial brick wall and scratching our wits, we stumbled up on this method and system. Serendipity! May be! But we were literally eating and drinking Bitcoin Smart Contracts all this while.

Even though Hybrid Custody™ and Layer 2 Smart Vaults™ protocol were invented by Dr. Praveen Baratam, he owes a lot to his friends and mentors who helped him all through.

Due credit to Suresh R Babu, Manigandan Muthusamy & Ittay Eyal for patiently evaluating Praveen’s ideas and advising accordingly.