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Hybrid Custody™

“Not your keys not your Coin”

But it is not easy – Crypto worth Billions was lost by people managing their own private-keys

Hybrid Custody™ using Smart Vaults™ helps you manage your private-keys and crypto with out any of the downsides of Self Custody 

Hybrid Custody™ = Best of Self Custody + Best of Managed Custody

  1. You have exclusive control of your private-keys & coins
  2. Your Hybrid Custody™ provider gets limited access private-keys to your coins
  3. These limited access private-keys can only be used when your private-keys are provably lost or stolen using Zero Knowledge Proofs and Smart Contracts
  4. You can recover your coins even when all your private-keys are lost or stolen using these limited access keys with your Hybrid Custody™ Provider. Best of both worlds!

Time to Diversify your Safety & Security Strategies

Let us explore how Hybrid Custody™ and Smart Vaults™ can help you safeguard your Bitcoin