CoinVault™ vs. MultiSig

M of N MultiSig Vaults

Current crop of MultiSig Arrangements assume a lot 

  1. Assume Good Information Security
    1. That M of N keys cannot be stolen
    2. That M of N participants will not collude
    3. That devices and networks are trustworthy
  2. Assume Good Information Durability 
    1. That M of N keys will never be lost

We make no such assumptions. With proprietary Second Layer Technology and Protocols (source avaiable), we make sure that you can recover your Bitcoin as long as at least one private-key is safe and secure. Magic!

  1. Non-custodial and miles ahead of Multisig
  2. Locks Bitcoin in a Smart Contract Protocol instead of a simple MultiSig Transaction.
  3. Recovers your Bitcoin as long as at least one of the Private Keys (1 to N of N) is Safe and Secure. Much better than M of N MultiSig scheme.
  4. CoinVault can recover stolen Bitcoin. MultiSig cannot.

Next-Gen Scalable Security

  1. Unlocking and Spending from your CoinVault™ Smart Cryptocurrency Depository contracts are distinct events unlike MultiSig Transactions.
  2. When M private-keys are used to steal your Bitcoin locked with N private-keys, use any M+1  keys upto N to recover your Bitcoin.
  3. Stealing becomes impossible unless adversaries have all the N keys.
  4. Protects against Hacks, social engineering, Insider Fraud, etc.
  5. Optional on-chain “Out of Band” Authentication & Autherization with Hardware Tokens (proprietary technology).

Supercharged Safety

  1. Even 1 key is enough (1 to N of N) to recover your Bitcoin.
  2. CoinVault enables this option without compromising security.
  3. Useful for disaster management, accidental loss, unexpected death and factors beyond control.

Time to Diversify your Safety & Security Strategies

Let us explore how CoinVault™ can help you safeguard your Bitcoin